Welcome to ispprogram.biz - Your County's #1 Directory Site For Free and Paid Classified Ads! / This is a new business oppotunity that has proven to stand up and work, even in these hard times of our economy. People still need to list and advertise. We offer them a place to come and advertise for FREE, and to extend there ads at a low cost FEE. When people visit your site they will see the following scrolling message. / Get A "Featured Ad" on our site and have your ad stand out. / "Featured Ads" get seen on first page and at the top of the category they are posted in. You can also purchase "Extended Ads". These ads display longer and get seen more! See details when posting! / The Directory and Classified sites are exploding in our county and you can be a part of it. Contact us today!. / Visit Ferdiworks.com for your domain names, hosting and all your online needs. / Thank you for visiting our site and be sure to tell all your friends about us! If you have any changes you would like to see on our directory sites send us an email.
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Would you like to have your own online Business Directory and Classified Ad website?
We can help you realize your dream of managing and running your own
Business Directory and Classified ad website a reality!

What we offer:
We offer a fully automated, Php, My SQL, data driven website with an administrated back end office to moderate and control
the site. The website is setup to let potential advertisers place FREE and PAID Advertisements. The site is setup to make
you money. The site has an optional built-in Banner Ad Management System which allows you to sell Banner

What does the site look like?
There is a sample picture to the right.
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Why the Directory and Classified site business?
There are many profitable internet businesses that have shown that when you couple an online, offline business you have a
win win success plan. The County Directory sites has proven to be a good business model that brings people and
businesess together and creates sales and profits while creating exposure for everyone involved. With the Directory and
Classified website you can sell and give away free advertisements to offline business-es creating traffic and future sales.

These sites have been proven to create good income over and over again. Lets face it, people need to advertise, people need
classifieds. You can provide a valuable service to your community. Some city directory classified sites directors have taken
the site offline with use of a flyer book or local coupon book, etc. and found success has been quite easy for them.
You have many options in how you run your business with our product.

Who needs our Directory and Classifieds:
1) Anyone looking for Free advertising!
2) Anyone looking for low cost long-term advertising!
3) Brokers, Financial consultants, Real estate agents, Dealers, Distributors, Local businesses, Home businesses, Garage &
Yardsalers, Hobby shops, Auctions and anyone you can think of. Look at any paper and you'll see that there is no shortage
of classified ads.

What does it cost to become a Director of a County site?
We have made it affordable for you to lease your own Directory / Classified Ad site from us. We want you to be successful
and not worry about high costs so we put a special package together that includes everything an online business needs to
run without the need to add anything. You can start running your Online Business right out of the box. We took care of

Startup as low as $29.95 a month with our Prebuilt Sites, Or choose one of our other options to have one built for your area and county.

SPECIAL: We are building sites to own!
We can build and install your own Directory site on any Hosting Account anywhere you like and you own the site for one small Fee $250 USC One Time Payment, Future Support issues may incur additional charges!

We install and setup your own Directory site on one of our own Hosting Accounts for you and you own the site for one small fee of $350 USC the first year and $150 Renewal Fee each year for Hosting Account and we provide support!

What you get:
1) You get a full package website installed on an premium hosting account with domain name
or you can takeover one of our Prebuilt Websites for a savings and lower cost out of your pocket!

2) Your website will be installed for an area location. All locations are for a Specific City County .Only one site will be
installed for each county.
Click here to see availble sites. or have one built for your County!

3) There are Top, Left, Right, and Bottom Banners on the site.
Depending on the package you order, banners will be available for you to sell. The number of banners available will be
determined by the package you choose. Banner ads can be linked to Classified ads, webpages, and any website anywhere.

4) You get unlimited Classified ads, Free and Paid!
You get to keep all the Fees from all Paid ads and Banners Ads sold!

5) You get unlimited Events, Free and Paid!

6) You can add, edit or delete any Category you like. You can add edit any city and town name within your specific county!

7) You can add as many ads, advertisement as you like and run them for as long as you like for FREE!

8) The site is search engine friendly and ads will be picked up by spiders for search engines and you will be found from
online searches in some of the most popular search engines!

There are many other features, to many to list here. Contact us for more details: Contact us

9) You get a Paypal ready site. Ready to sell and collect money for you, using your very own
Paypal account

These are public-use websites. We are not responsible for the integrity of the ads that people post on your site.
You have full control over all and any advertising on your site and you can moderate it from the admin back office area.
Please be advised. This is not a get rich quick scheme however with consistent effort you can have a really nice "part time"
or even "full time" business for yourself. It is highly suggested that you run the site online and offline for best results

Thank you.

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